Privacy Policy

iCallmore Products

What personal information of users do we collect?

Whenever anyone fills up a demo/free trial form, we collect some personal information which includes Name, E-mail address, Skype ID, Contact Number, Country. Some other information like Switch Name, Switch IP, and Ports are also collected.

What we do with the information collected?

The collected information serves the following purpose:

  • 1. To offer free demo of our products
  • 2. To inform customers regarding any new updation in our product features

Do we keep the information confidential?

Yes, we maintain the confidentiality of all information collected by us. We never share any information of service providers or end customers with any third-party organization.

Do we re-use or sell collected data?

No we never re-use any data that has been collected. We do not resell any of our database.

Are customers’ data safe with us?

Yes, we have a foolproof security system that allows us to keep customers data safe from any intrusion.